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Virus Disinfecting Systems

Virus Disinfecting & Sanitization in San Jose and the Silicon Valley, CA

We are closely monitoring the evolving Coronavirus pandemic. We are offering virus disinfecting systems to stop the spread.

As our country, cities, and communities are impacted by this worldwide pandemic, JAN-PRO is looking to do our part in helping every company with cleaning and disinfecting their high traffic areas and areas prone to being at risk. We are working with you to control and reduce the negative impacts this virus has had on every one of us.

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We Can Help Using Our EnviroShield System

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, is spreading rapidly nationwide. This has caused employers to make working arrangements unlike those you have had to make before. While the country is still working to get the virus under control, you can feel safer and more at ease with our EnviroShield system.

The most recent research suggests that the virus can live on surfaces for up to a week. To prevent spreading the virus, it is suggested that making sure all surfaces are disinfected and sanitized will reduce the spread. We offer Coronavirus sanitizing and disinfecting services using our EnviroShield product.

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While you take care of yourselves, let our team take care of your offices with sanitization and disinfecting services to help stop the spread of the virus.

Routine Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

  • Our EnviroShield sanitizing and disinfecting solutions are designed specifically for this type of contagious virus.
  • We offer scheduled deep cleaning for commercial office and locations.
  • For commercial businesses, we cover all surfaces and work stations including keyboards, computer mouse devices, etc.
  • Our team is trained to handle this pandemic; we are professionals and here to help.
At JAN-PRO, we understand you take your employees’ and customers’ health seriously. Take precautions and call your local sanitizing company today.
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"It's Only Clean When Our Processes Confirm It's Clean."

What is the definition of “clean”? Ask 100 people and you’ll likely get 100 different answers. At JAN-PRO there is only one answer.